When working with Fimo, essentially you only need your hands, everything else is a development process! So, how to work with Fimo?

To work with Fimo you only need a base, ideally glass (do not use varnished or lacquered bases) and your hands. As simple as that, you will feel the need to use something to cut or pierce, and then you can add a blade or an x-ato, a stick for kebabs or a toothpick. There are many different tools even manual and electric machines to make your project look more professional, but we advise you to experiment and add to your list what you really need.

You will also need alcohol or wipes to clean the surface where you are working as well as the utensils you are using at the beginning, at the end and whenever you change the color of Fimo Clay.

The various fresh pieces do not need to be glued to each other before going to the oven, they “stick” together, if you want to reinforce any area you can do it with a wire or a toothpick inside or a drip of Fimo Liquid Gel.

Fimo Soft is easy to use, as it requires less handling at the beginning of each project. However, not so consistent for jobs that require accuracy and detail, many professionals only use Fimo Soft. But for example, to make canes the ideal will be Fimo Professional. You will realize that depends on the way you works and under what conditions, it is best to try the two ranges of Fimo Soft and Fimo Professional to draw your conclusions!

We hope we helped you on the “how to work with Fimo” if you need to know more about it try “10 facts about Fimo” and for choosing between clays you should try ClayShop.eu.

Good job!

how to work with fimo