Mix Fimo

So, how to mix Fimo? Mixing Fimo is not difficult! Mixing Fimo is the best way to add exclusivity to your work by adding your own personal shades.

Fimo Polymer clay can be mixed between the various types and between the various brands. There’s no percentage rate to follow, no incompatibility between brands, it’s only your creative eye that rules here!

Fimo Classic Mixing Table
How to mix fimo

FIMO Classic has a wide color palette available. And it has 24 standard colors that can produce 100 new different shades. Just imagine the rage of color when working with polymer clay canes!

Mixing table for Fimo Soft
How to mix fimo

FIMO Soft has a wide color palette available.
With 16 colors that can produce 63 new different shades.

You can use the mixing color table to create the color you need for your project. For example, mixing 3 parts of yellow 10 with 5 parts of pink 22 results in a hot red. It is very easy to create lighter or darker colors, you just need to add black 9 or white 0. On the other hand, you can mix your own proportions and create your own shades to guarantee exclusivity on your pieces!
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Have a happy mixing!