Where to buy Fimo?

When choosing a place that sells Fimo, clay or tools, choose wisely. We must advise you on one or two things!

Choose a place that inspires you confidence and that has fresh lots of Fimo to buy. Because we live in a fast world, choose an online store that is quick on delivering your order!

ClayShop.eu is a online shop that gathers all these qualities.
Firstly receives fresh clay every week. Secondly ships worldwide and some planets 3 days a week so you can have your clay to work as quickly as possible and last but not least, they are trustworthy, transparent and fair.
Filled with great tools to work with polymer clay, fresh Fimo, new materials, new ideas and new trends browse the site for all you need!
And we will be always here for you with knowledge, tips and facts, just try our how to page, or if you are a fact person we do have a 10 facts about Fimo page, or try a project in our Learn modeling Fimo area. Don’t stick just with the plan, go ahead and dive in the unique world of Polymer clay!

Even if you don’t find what you are looking for, or if you have news of a new product that you like them to send you with your order, just talk with them.

Where to buy Fimo

We suggest the online store https://www.ClayShop.eu.
Because they are trustworthy and fast in delivery with a wide range of Fimo products.

Happy shopping online!